Pelham Humfrey Symphony Anthems


Recorded in July 2017, Jonathan joins the Oxford Consort of Voices under the direction of Edward Higginbottom in a solo-voice ensemble recording of Pelham Humfrey’s Symphony Anthems.

Elizabeth Makharinsky, Maria Valdmaa, soprano

Tristram Cooke, alto

David Lee, Jonathan Hanley, tenor

Nicholas Mogg, bass 

Persephone Gibbs, Jean Paterson, violin

Rachel Byrt, viola

Gavin Kibble, viola da gamba

Edward Higginbottom, organ 


Sunday Times, 13th May 2018

These seven beautifully crafted symphony anthems, interleaving vocal solos and ensembles with string episodes, are intimately sumptuous, as befits the court for which they were created. Higginbottom leads his forces with stylish elegance.